Reflection from daily Bible study

God sets up waymarks for our earthly journeys, leading us to heaven. God will take our renewed soul and spirit, and put it in a new immortal body. The old will grow younger. We will be forever young. Look at Luke 5:38. “But new wine [soul and spirit] must be put into new bottles [immortal body]; and both are preserved.” Like God watched over his people to destroy, also he will watch over his people to save and build and plant. He gives all of us good fruit, and if we do not give up and faint not, we will reap a harvest. We can more than just survive. Amen! 

Read Jeremiah 31, Galatians, and Luke 5! 🙂

Eternal Hope

When a demon told me I was going to go to hell in a wicked voice (but pretending to be God), I was devastated. At the time I thought it was God and that He hated me for something I did in my life and I didn’t know how to fix it. It felt like there was no hope and I started desperately talking to people about heaven and hell and what I need to do to get to heaven and how to avoid hell. One girl was talking to me about Jesus. I was still decieved, though, and believed that God hated me. I started to want to be pure. I couldn’t sleep, and all I could think was, I want to be pure, I want to love. I was in a mental hospital while this was happening, and I was in art therapy, to lift my hopes up I painted a pink and orange and yellow heart and then drew lines around it like spirit emanating from the heart. I started singing “You’re the center of the universe, everything was made in you, Jesus, you’re the center of my life, you hold everything together.” I started to believe that maybe Jesus loves me and that the voice that told me I would go to hell was demons, but part of me wasn’t sure until I was released from the hospital and decided I would rather God turn me into a frog than send me to hell. I asked him for a less painful punishment. Now, I would rather be in hell than be a frog. Once upon a time, I wanted to reincarnate, because I thought I would just be a spirit in heaven, and I wanted to have a body. Before I went to that mental hospital where demons tormented me pretending to be God, I heard a voice saying, “Then you should be an angel” after I was trying to think really pure thoughts about the world (I forget what words I thought, but now I think, I want to protect the world, change it, and bring love and hope to the people in it, and to help them to not feel hopeless and scared of hell the way I was that I didn’t even want to be myself.  Now, today, I have endless hope. I already died, and in a certain amount of time, God will carry me to heaven, not hell.). I started to become an angel, to feel wings on my back (though they are very small and sometimes when I dance I stay in the air a little bit longer than normal, but its been a while since that has happened), and my hope just grew and grew. I realized that the voice in the hospital was the devil, or demons (I still am not sure), and that God doesn’t hate me, God loves me, and is never angry with me. God loves you too, and wants you to believe in his Son and trust him with your life and with your soul. He wants me to send you this message of eternal hope.