Reflection from daily Bible study

God sets up waymarks for our earthly journeys, leading us to heaven. God will take our renewed soul and spirit, and put it in a new immortal body. The old will grow younger. We will be forever young. Look at Luke 5:38. “But new wine [soul and spirit] must be put into new bottles [immortal body]; and both are preserved.” Like God watched over his people to destroy, also he will watch over his people to save and build and plant. He gives all of us good fruit, and if we do not give up and faint not, we will reap a harvest. We can more than just survive. Amen! 

Read Jeremiah 31, Galatians, and Luke 5! 🙂

Archangels: Some Questions You Could Ask God

Once God told me that I am 1/4 archangel and 3/4 angel. What should I do to become more of an archangel? I asked myself while I was taking a walk on a path in the forest, enjoying God’s creation, the trees and the path and the mud and the air I breathed. Was it pure clean air, or was I breathing in toxins? Was God the filter, the one that removed the toxins that were in the air as I breathed in each molecule of air? Does he change the pills I don’t want to take (but to my mom it is “medicine” that will stop me from hearing demonic voices) into sugar? Can he? What part of me is like an archangel? I crave long-lasting peace, and once on a walk, I felt a glimmer of long-lasting peace and hope, so when I was feeling depressed and empty today, I decided to go on a walk just for the sake of walking and listening to music at the same time.

What are archangels? What do they do, what do they feel? I ask myself. Why do they exist? What is their inspiration? I know my hope and inspiration to write comes from God…does that make me a prophet? God talks with me. While I was walking today, I could hear footsteps behind me, and I looked back to see if someone was there, and no one was there. This happened at least three times during my walk. God was literally walking behind me watching over me. On the way back, I saw a small purple butterfly and stopped to watch it. I looked at it then kept walking, and later I saw the same purple butterfly, it was flying around me, and I realized that the Holy Spirit was coming to me in the form of a purple butterfly. Seeing it gave me peace. Now, I know that the Holy Spirit isn’t a purple butterfly, but the Holy Spirit COULD HAVE been possessing the purple butterfly, and it could have carried the butterfly from the last place I saw it to where I was later on the path.

Speaking of paths, am I on the right path? How do I know if I am or not? By checking with God. God is with me also on this walk called eternal life. I don’t need to go on it alone. Sometimes I wonder, how can God watch me and talk to me, when there are so many other people – billions – that he talks to and watches and intercedes for? How is that possible, that He can watch everyone at the same time? Because God is not human, He is then something completely different from humans, and that something has a very big mind that can watch many people at the same time and do many things at the same time. Does God eat? Does God sleep? I think He probably doesn’t sleep, because he loves watching us, because He wants us to be safe. He can stop someone from stabbing or shooting me. He once told me that no one would ever stab me or shoot me, and that I would never lose a limb.

I think it is the promise of safety, the promise of safe immortality (and not just immortality. If I’m going to live forever, I want to live forever WHOLE, with peace and love and a healthy body, not depression and emptiness and immorality and lots and lots of danger from the scary world that I live in), that makes me part archangel. The hope I have in Jesus – the trust I give him, the doubts I shed – I KNOW I will never grow old and that I will go to heaven relatively soon for someone my age (I’m 24, but I died at age 23, so should I call myself 23? I want to be 20, so should I call myself 20? When I’ve been alive for millions of years, and am an archangel visiting earth, what age will I tell people I am?). I know this because God has told me AND shown me (in a way that works for me) many times.

What are archangels? Do they really have wings, and can they fly? Do they really have bodies, like I like to believe? Will I ever meet Micheal and Gabriel, the two archangels that I know of? Will my friends become archangels, so they can feel the safety and trust and love that I feel today? How can I help them to feel more like an archangel – an archangel’s peace? I don’t know what an archangel is. What does the Bible tell us archangels are? I don’t think it says much on the topic, at least not enough. I believe that God will tell me and show me when I get to heaven. I will meet archangels. I will hang out with archangels. I will vaporize DMT with archangels. I will train gymnastics with archangels, and play violin in a jam session with them. I will learn how to sing. I will get pretty good at gymnastics. I will always enjoy my walk to the gymnastics facility and to the ice skating rink. I will learn ice skating even slower than I’ll learn gymnastics, because gymnastics has the safe big fluffy mats, and figure skating doesn’t, if you fall, and I will probably fall, the ice is hard, and it won’t feel good. But I WILL get back up and try again.

Deep inside, we’re all the same. We can all become archangels. We can all go to heaven, and later we can all visit earth in a different way, in the earth, but not of it. I hope some of the safety I try to feel will rub off on you, and you can lose some of your doubts (unless you’re an athiest and you’re doubting your life philosophy, and thinking that maybe you should start seeking God and reading the Bible) and become more like an archangel. Remember to walk and talk with God, especially if you’re depressed. My walk with God inspired me to write this, and I’m glad it did, because I love writing, and blank pages and lack of creative, poetic ideas scare me away. I leave you with the peace of Jesus Christ our Lord and God. Goodbye! Until next time. 🙂