Martial arts and religion

Martial arts are about peace. It is all about the fight to end all fights. Deep stances are important. In shotokan karate, my sensai, Mike Durai said that stances should be deep. Back stance was always hard for me I could never do it to Mike Durai’s standards. There’s more to martial arts than just fighting. It is a spiritual thing. There is nothing wrong with a christian doing martial arts. It is a peaceful art. It is the way of the warrior’s heart. I am a warrior, I am a warrior of Christ, a child of God, an artist in all ways. I want to paint my dreams. I want to have visionary, prophetic dreams and then paint them. I need to buy more paints and a paintbrush. I am a visionary angel. I do battle with demons, and I always win. My martial arts are spiritual. My technique is commanding the demons to leave in Jesus’s name and pleading the blood of Jesus Christ. I am not ashamed of my problems and gifts and insights and ideas. Some of them come from God, I am kind of a prophet. I love martial arts, they make me stronger and I push myself. I have a competition April 25 and the women’s retreat at my church is April 17-19; I am really looking forward to both of those events.