Reflections about God’s word

Do you believe the lies people told you about God? I tell you this now: God is your heavenly Father, and he loves you and wants to embrace you with open arms. He only wants the absolute best for you, and wants you to hate sin as much as he does. He wants goodness and joy and passion for your life. He wants to bring you freedom from oppression and depression and freedom from all evil forces. He works the bad things that happen to you for your own good…to teach you lessons, to heal you. He wants you to be happy, and is waiting patiently for you to come to him with all of your heart. He is not angry with you. He will not send you to hell to punish you, but to teach you. He will be there for you if you take the time to ask, and he’ll be there for you even when you don’t ask. Don’t believe the lies people tell you about God, that he’s horrifying, or that He doesn’t care about you or watch you, that you can’t live forever with an immortal body, et cetera. It’s not true. What is true is this: God is love, and because he loves you you too can love him and other beings. Be creative and happy and productive and flexible and athletic and be empowered to healthy, positive attitudes and actions and thoughts. Let only good things in, reject all evil in the name of Jesus Christ. Revoke bad thoughts in the name of Jesus Christ. This is not only my word, but maybe God’s word too, through me. You don’t have to keep or hang onto negative thoughts and feelings. Let them go, forgive, and love. The more you reject evil thoughts, the less often they will come. It takes time, so be patient. We are all on a journey to walk with God, and to allow him to fully heal us, to be made whole. I wish the best for all of you reading this, I will be praying for blessings and miracles for your lives. God truly answers prayers, he has answered my prayers many times. Be well. Love you all!