The study of martial arts (wu shu)

The study of martial arts teaches discipline and respect. Sparring and practicing self defense movements with a partner teaches trust. Doing forms repeatedly teaches endurance. Meditation and greeting at the beginning and end of class teaches peace and peacemaking. Enabling warriors to fight the fight to end all fights is a beautiful thing.

Right now I train Taekwondoe and hapkido. I used to train Kung Fu and Shotokan Karate and Kajukenbo and Axe and Uncao Capoeira. I want to train Ooom Yung Doe I trained it for a couple months just got an intro to it. Since I have forever, I want to learn all styles of martial arts and earn black belts in each martial art, except for capoeira which has a radically different belt (cord, they use cords not belits) system, where the highest ranking is white cord (ironic, huh?).

Wu Shu is Chinese for Martial Arts. The study of martial arts saved me from anorexia and self harm. It gave me purpose and dedication and discipline. It helped me become more myself. It reminded me to take care of myself. It will always be one of my passions. The people I met in martial arts I consider them to be a part of my family I trust them and love them. Once I get to heaven I want to start training Kung Fu first, then Oom Yung Doe, then Shotokan Karate, then back to Kung Fu, et cetera.

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