Message of God

When Jesus died and rose from the dead, God made a new covenant with Isreal. Now “Isreal” means “God’s people” and is not limited to people living in the country Isreal. Sometimes I wonder why God’s Son was called to go to isreal instead of, say, europe, or the americas. Maybe its because thats where most of the Jews were living. Anyways, I am called to write, and be God’s servant and messenger, and to do the things that angels do. And I want you to know, that God completely loves you and completely forgives you of all of your sins. He only wants you to be happy and pure-hearted and I am free spirited and deep and want you to know God’s will for your life. This is the message I am sending anyone who is reading this: God loves you, and his main command is that you love God with all your heart and all your mind and ALL your strength. Ask Jesus to make a home within your heart, and take that home with you everywhere you go, and then you will always have Jesus watching you and taking care of you even when we are showering and thinking maybe bad thoughts and need saving he is there watching us saving us from the devil. Even when I am going to the bathroom I need saving. Remember to take care of yourself. For a long time I forgot but now I am getting back in shape lifting weights and doing dance and martial arts and once my finger heals gymnastics. God isnt against us having passions. Heaven is a real world and we will all go there. Peace and love be with you my brethren, my kindred spirits, you will always have a body, God will give you an immortal body go into the world and make peace and spread God’s love and teach God’s Word. His Word is a Sword to cut away all evil thoughts and all evil people’s actions and penetrate it to spread loving truth. Truth should be spoken gently with love. Read the Bible! Right now I am reading Jeremiah 29 so it might be my inspiration.

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