Message of God

When Jesus died and rose from the dead, God made a new covenant with Isreal. Now “Isreal” means “God’s people” and is not limited to people living in the country Isreal. Sometimes I wonder why God’s Son was called to go to isreal instead of, say, europe, or the americas. Maybe its because thats where most of the Jews were living. Anyways, I am called to write, and be God’s servant and messenger, and to do the things that angels do. And I want you to know, that God completely loves you and completely forgives you of all of your sins. He only wants you to be happy and pure-hearted and I am free spirited and deep and want you to know God’s will for your life. This is the message I am sending anyone who is reading this: God loves you, and his main command is that you love God with all your heart and all your mind and ALL your strength. Ask Jesus to make a home within your heart, and take that home with you everywhere you go, and then you will always have Jesus watching you and taking care of you even when we are showering and thinking maybe bad thoughts and need saving he is there watching us saving us from the devil. Even when I am going to the bathroom I need saving. Remember to take care of yourself. For a long time I forgot but now I am getting back in shape lifting weights and doing dance and martial arts and once my finger heals gymnastics. God isnt against us having passions. Heaven is a real world and we will all go there. Peace and love be with you my brethren, my kindred spirits, you will always have a body, God will give you an immortal body go into the world and make peace and spread God’s love and teach God’s Word. His Word is a Sword to cut away all evil thoughts and all evil people’s actions and penetrate it to spread loving truth. Truth should be spoken gently with love. Read the Bible! Right now I am reading Jeremiah 29 so it might be my inspiration.

The study of martial arts (wu shu)

The study of martial arts teaches discipline and respect. Sparring and practicing self defense movements with a partner teaches trust. Doing forms repeatedly teaches endurance. Meditation and greeting at the beginning and end of class teaches peace and peacemaking. Enabling warriors to fight the fight to end all fights is a beautiful thing.

Right now I train Taekwondoe and hapkido. I used to train Kung Fu and Shotokan Karate and Kajukenbo and Axe and Uncao Capoeira. I want to train Ooom Yung Doe I trained it for a couple months just got an intro to it. Since I have forever, I want to learn all styles of martial arts and earn black belts in each martial art, except for capoeira which has a radically different belt (cord, they use cords not belits) system, where the highest ranking is white cord (ironic, huh?).

Wu Shu is Chinese for Martial Arts. The study of martial arts saved me from anorexia and self harm. It gave me purpose and dedication and discipline. It helped me become more myself. It reminded me to take care of myself. It will always be one of my passions. The people I met in martial arts I consider them to be a part of my family I trust them and love them. Once I get to heaven I want to start training Kung Fu first, then Oom Yung Doe, then Shotokan Karate, then back to Kung Fu, et cetera.

Notes on the past week

I just started training martial arts again this week. I injured my finger doing a back handspring drill with a yoga ball and now I have to wait a month or two before I do any gymnastics it is going to teach me how to wait, and that is what God wants me to learn how to do, to wait for something that will definitely happen in the future. Its faith that heaven is real and that God will give me the ability to do gymnastics. I never thought I would ever get an aerial, but I did. I never thought I’d be able to stand up from a back bend, but I did. Not consistently, but for like five times, one of them I fell as soon as I stood up. I also got close to getting my back handspring: there is a huge soft mat at my new martial arts dojo and I used it to work on front and back handsprings. Both of them aren’t quite there yet and need a lot of work. Which I will do once my finger heals.



Sometimes insanity – tripping balls – wakes you up. It wakes you up to a different reality, a more real reality than sober, Godless drones that go from high to high with no real meaning, no lucid dreaming, no prayer, no visions, no healing, no being made whole. Sometimes insanity wakes you up. It frees you. The new you begins to form. Its tranquil, when the tripping is positive and productive. When I dont take my antipsychotics, its always a bad trip. That’s something that needs to change: I want to have beautiful, loving, kind, explosive visions that wake me up and give me some image to paint, some words to write, a body to flip with. Sometimes insanity makes you a better, kinder person. It wakes you up and frees you from the blaze norm. I am not a normal person. I never will be. I will, however, always be an angel.